November already? Oh Heck! ~ Jemima Pett

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November already? Oh, heck!

The trouble with being an indie author, is that I’d like to be writing, and I can’t. I should write more, since that’s what I do. But once I get some stories written, they need to be edited. And if they are published, I have to do the launch, get them promoted, do the advertising, and generally just keep my name in front of people so that they might think “I like the sound of that book, I’ll read it.”

And once you have more than five books that you are promoting, it gets a little time-consuming (she says, using the British understatement version of ‘little’).

I’m not complaining – it keeps my mind active and my computer busy. It keeps me off the streets, too.

It’s just that here we are in November already, and everything is piling up. It’s always the same in November, which is why I don’t do NaNoWriMo. If you are, and you’re taking a break to read this, I’m truly honoured. Ignore all my drivel and get back to writing your novel!

The Princelings Pile-up

Having launched book 7 of the Princelings of the East series, Willoughby the Narrator, last April, I got the next ready for my editor. Book 8, the Princelings of the North, is now officially edited, and is my priority for revision, preparation for publishing, and launch at the end of January. Fortunately I did its chapter illustrations last year, so I don’t have those to consider.
November already Princelings of the North

While I’m finalising the Princelings of the North, I’m also setting up its launch promotion. I’ve got a series of BookGoodies adverts running, which start next week. It seemed a good idea to remind people of the earlier books in the series, and do offers for BookGoodies readers, before getting to the main event in January. That leads to setting up other advertising streams. I hope you get to see them. Please click through if you do!

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