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5 minutes – England, 7am

I caught a glimpse of colour against the darkness. Watched as it grew, played, lightened and softened night into morning. We travel the world in search of wonders… forgetting the magic to be found on our own back doorstep.

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Aquae Sulis

Aquae Sulis… the waters of the Sulis… that was the Roman name for the city of Bath. It is easy to understand why when, since time immemorial, a hot and mineral-rich spring has welled from the ground; the only hot … Continue reading

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Sally Cronin with Susan Toy – Reading Recommendation Revisited

Reblogged from Reading Recommendations Sally Cronin is a long overdue guest on the Reading Recommendations Revisited portion of this blog. Since she first appeared here, in Mar. 2015, Sally has been a tireless promoter of me, my writing, and this … Continue reading

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