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Haiku – rain in St Albans

In response to Kirizar’s request..  

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The happiness effect …

Originally posted on 365 And Counting:
Actually, just looking at this photo and imagining myself in it makes me happy.  So beautiful and serene.  But what inspired this post is a terrific article I read on Facebook last week. It’s about Matthieu…

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Wandering Stone…?

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‘…All the henge stones…’ ‘…were thought to be alive…’ ‘…both individually and as the cells of a larger organism.’ – Michael Dames.

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Residual awesomeness

Originally posted on The Silent Eye:
Image: NASA My son has been watching a BBC series on the incredible nature of the human brain. He has a personal interest in the subject and discussion is inevitable. The more he learns,…

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The illusion of reality

What is reality? Rosicrucians talk of both ‘reality’ and ‘actuality’. They define reality as essentially what you can perceive about the actuality. Actuality most likely cannot ever be known. You can only determine your personal reality of actuality but this … Continue reading

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St Albans Abbey – ‘and unto God’…

Where do you start? If the fabric of the building is made of fifteen hundred years and more of stone, then the sight that greets you as you step inside St Albans Abbey reflects a thousand years of art and … Continue reading

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Ronovan’s Haiku Challenge

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