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The Door in the Wall

Originally posted on BOOK CHAT:
? This post is in response to Sue Vincent of Daily Echo‘s challenge to write a post of 100 words or less telling what lies beyond the door in the photo. The little door intrigued…

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Only the good die young…

Originally posted on The Silent Eye:
Sitting in the interminable traffic I had been listening to music and the lyrics of a Billy Joel song had sparked a train of thought. Switching off the stereo I explored it a little,…

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Helvellyn from Walking with a Smacked Pentax

An older post, reblogged from James at Walking with a Smacked Pentax… do click through to see some his photographs of the stunning landscape of the Lake District. Helvellyn mountain is one of the most beautiful in the English Lake … Continue reading

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Like, yet not like…

If you are going to have your car squashed by a lorry, then I heartily recommend my local supermarket. Admitting liability instantly, their chosen intermediaries expedited the whole process, leaving me barely chance to mourn the Silver Bullet when they … Continue reading

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According to the two thousand year old Doctrine of Signatures, medicinal plants were thought to resemble the area of the body for which they would be useful. Later  Christian writers  agreed with the idea, thinking that God would have wanted … Continue reading

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