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Still Vermin

Originally posted on Sun in Gemini:
? Still Vermin — I am just like you But hungry My stomach longs For days of food A taste that through My numbing mind I sometimes still remember — I am just like…

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Circles beyond time

Originally posted on The Silent Eye:
An ancient landscape, shrouded in mystery… strewn with stones and the last of the summer heather…scattered with sites of ancient sanctity. Stone circles… an enigmatic fortress rising from the bracken like a ship to…

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Inside Bath Abbey II

Pagan shrine, Roman Temple, convent, monastic abbey… royal patronage and the coronation of the first historical King of All England … a Norman church…right through the Victorian restorations to today… Bath Abbey has been a site of worship for far … Continue reading

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North by sort of northeast

I’ve been in the north for the monthly meeting. It means that I get to at least see, if not necessarily play on the moors, so, as you can imagine, I am happy. The evening meeting saw us read through … Continue reading

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Waiting – Hugh’s Photo Challenge: Week 13 – Love.

It doesn’t matter if you are busy, or if you notice, or even if you know… Love, once given, is always there for you and takes little encouragement to make its presence felt. For Hugh’s photo challenge

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