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Why you should own a feather duster…

As time has run away with me this week… one from the archives: To some the humble feather duster may conjure nostalgic visions of French maids and uniforms, to others they are a rather retro adjunct to the broom cupboard. … Continue reading

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Back to bedlam

That’s it, summer is well and truly over. The young have returned to school and parents are variously heaving sighs of relief or fretting about those youngsters starting new scholastic adventures. I no longer have children of school age and … Continue reading

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Guest writer: Jennie Fitzkee – The Spider Story

“Oh, Sue. I need to tell you “The Spider Story”, one of the ‘Jennie Stories’ for my preschoolers. All true. That’s why children are glued when I say, “It happened like this.” The spider one beats them all, ” wrote … Continue reading

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Secrets from fantasticpencils #writephoto

If you listen carefully, can you hear old flirtations, snap of fans, rustle of silks? Can you see glitter of diamonds, reflections of laughter and the flicker of candles? Continue reading here

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Fly on the wall

“Leave it where I can find it easily.” This was said with a grin of pure, unholy glee. I duly placed the small, plastic object in a convenient location, knowing full well what he was going to do with it. … Continue reading

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