A stairway to heaven? ~ Tallis Steelyard (aka Jim Webster)

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A stairway to heaven

This tale comes from the latter part of Maljie’s life. I wouldn’t say that it was something that happened in her old age, as by her own admission, she is not yet old. Indeed occasionally she has confessed to ‘not being in the first flush of youth.’ I feel that we must be satisfied with that.

Now for various complicated and largely incomprehensible reasons, Maljie became a Temple Warden at the Shrine of Aea in her Aspect as the Personification of Tempered Enthusiasm. The shrine itself is a small one, tucked away rather out of sight, at the bottom of the Sinecurists’ Grand Stair. This leads up from the Merchant Quarter, starting at Exegesis Square and it eventually ends below the north side of the Council of Sinecurists building.

The shrine itself has had a number of names, initially it was just the Exegesis Square Fane, but was promoted to a shine of Aea in one or the other of her aspects perhaps a thousand years ago. Then a century or two ago the Sinecurists built the Grand Stair and the shrine became known, colloquially as the Stairway Shrine.

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  1. jwebster2 says:

    One should never bother busy people with trivial details 🙂


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