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It’s all downhill from here…

I was invited to take part in the 3.2.1 Me Challenge the other day by Patty at Campbell’s World. The rules, she said, were simple: Thank the person who nominated you. Provide two quotes on the subject you are set … Continue reading

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Getting personal…

This weekend saw the monthly meeting of the Silent Eye in the north of England… a time when we reconnect, share and explore ideas and discuss plans for the four workshops we run every year. Work is already well under … Continue reading

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Today would have been my great grandmother’s 252nd birthday and her cake would be a fire hazard. She would have been 126 years old… and if that seems to make little sense there is a simple explanation. Like the Queen, … Continue reading

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Blog sitters required at Smorgasbord

This is the photograph taken at my christening in April of 1953 along with my mother Mollie and my two sisters Sonia and Diana. Apart from being sisters we also share another thing in common. We were all born in … Continue reading

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