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Ani’s Advent 2020! Elijah Moon, Garfield and Noelle Granger…

Dear Santa, I’ll confess right now, I don’t like many cats. The way they crouch and stare at me… S’enough to drive me bats. * They sit upon the garden fence And always out of reach, And some of them … Continue reading

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Foul feline

We’ve fallen out, the cat and I, For gratitude’s illusion Has been destroyed and left no doubt That it was mere delusion. * I gave the benefit of doubt, Accepting there was reason For cats to bring their keepers gifts … Continue reading

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A note from the small dog – Betrayal

I am not a happy bunny. Well, okay, so I’m not exactly a hoppity animal with a fluffy tail and big ears. Alright, I know… let’s start that again, shall we? And we’ll  forget the ears and tail thing altogether…. … Continue reading

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