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Port Naain by starlight – from Tallis Steelyard

Madam Alena was, at the time, my oldest patron. A petite slender lady with short cropped white hair; she would from time to time summon me to her home to entertain a group of her acquaintances These were never events … Continue reading

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What is love by Nick Verron

Nick is my son… and although he has been loved his whole life and has loved in  his turn, in the article below he asks a question to which all of us will give a different answer. It is the … Continue reading

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Outside in

It was odd. I look at this particular blogger’s page every day…and every day there is a reblog button. On every post. Except today. I clicked into the title, hoping that by going deeper, I would find what I was … Continue reading

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Cave – from Jeanne at Seasons #writephoto

Reblogged from Jeanne at  Seasons: A poetic journey of a thousand miles Cave Walking elegance, her heart padlocked, thoughts chained. Unearth the putrid and quiet the noise. Lying in inner turmoil, unable to move or scream, he held her closer. … Continue reading

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Caged– from Morpeth Road #writephoto

Reblogged from Michael at Morpeth Road: My son rang and asked if I would pose for him for an art installation he was doing as part of the Medieval Art Week. He said the installation would take him a week … Continue reading

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The Disease of Being Busy-from ALK3R

Reblogged from ALK3R: I saw a dear friend a few days ago. I stopped by to ask her how she was doing, how her family was. She looked up, voice lowered, and just whimpered: “I’m so busy… I am so … Continue reading

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Isolated by TamrahJo #writephoto

Reblogged from BallyBin “I just Feel so Alone/Vulnerable” …said an aunt from the densely wooded east in reply to my  enthusiastically shared love of my homeland – open skies, freedom, rolling pastures and brilliant daybreaks/sunsets…. “Why Do you Focus on the Negative?” … Continue reading

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Face to Face with history -Museums on May Day

As the May Morning festivities were winding down and our parking ticket still had a couple of hours to run, we decided to visit the Ashmolean Museum in Oxford while we ere there. To be fair, there is no way … Continue reading

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A royal road to immortality

Scanning the news, I came across a photograph of a red-bearded Prince Harry looking remarkably like his namesake, King Henry VIII. Although, with the changing lines of the royal houses over the centuries, their relationship is distant in more than … Continue reading

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The phobic blogger

I can’t be alone. In fact, I know I’m not as I have come across a good many others who have the same problem. There isn’t even a name for it, but I would not be surprised to find that … Continue reading

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