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A link in the chain

“… and one of these days you will know a world in which I no longer exist.” “I don’t know that I can imagine that.” “Possibly not. I have always been part of your world. Before you were born, you … Continue reading

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Rite of Passage…

Myrtle and roses Symbolic memorial Honouring a life Hand meets hand in compassion Hearts open to heal the void * No words are spoken In thankful recognition Only silence shared Each present in a moment Enduring eternally For Colleen’s poetry … Continue reading

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I was checking notifications as I waited for a response to the email and read Sally’s round-up. I thought twice… and then again… before playing the video, knowing there was little likelihood of getting through it dry eyed. I was … Continue reading

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A dinner date

Stiletto heels, long black gloves, glitzy jewels … I was making a very special effort for him that night. The gown looked amazing. I’d never worn it before except to stand in front of the mirror. It was one of … Continue reading

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