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* Who Listens In silence Who will answer Whispers on the wind Ripples on still water Encircling a fallen tear Offering wishes and daydreams Carried as butterflies on the breeze Questions like daisies scattered on the grass The long-forgotten voices … Continue reading

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Life Spirals To blossom Or lose control Inward or outward Its pressure seeks release Destruction and becoming As part of an endless process Each glowing petal will one day fall A cycle of beginnings and endings Each faded flower nourishes … Continue reading

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Cold grey days slide one into another Neither dark nor light to distinguish Monotone mediocrity Great Nature offers solace To threadbare emotions Wearied by clichés Expectations A duty-bound Presence Palls Peace Imbibed With each breath A renewal Wide green horizons … Continue reading

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The present encased in liquid crystal Where focussed immediacy reigns Life seen through a sparkling lens Hearts drowning in a moment Releasing emotion Caught and capturing Grief or beauty Storm or dew Raining Tears Clear Vision Sees beyond Pale reflections … Continue reading

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Light Streaming Heavens’ gift Illuminates Life, land and soul The sun-cast shadows Maintaining the balance Encouraging clarity Assimilating the darkness Realising a sacred purpose Unifying apparent division Cherished and indivisible marriage Perfect both alone and together In symbiotic interplay Lending … Continue reading

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Eyes Behold Reflections Pale images Caught in the mirror The tragedy of grief Traces of the passing years Carving away self-confidence Laughing at forgotten vanities Accepting time’s changing reality. The stories tell of a magic mirror Whose heart can reflect … Continue reading

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Strange forms on the edge of reality Weaving patterns of past mystery Tantalising threads repeating Spiral across the ages Unveil the tapestry Unravelling time Ancient portals Opening Open Hearts Now At peace Silent stone Voiceless wisdom Whispers to the wind … Continue reading

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Born Of Light Into light Endless cycle Being becoming Opened to greet the dawn Each heart a virgin landscape Enduring and embracing life Knowing the freedom of pure spirit Assimilating the gifts of constraint Each soul a mirror reflecting its … Continue reading

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Dark Magic Enchanting The noonday sky Casting its shadow Upon the minds of men The known becomes the unknown Primal emotion seeping through Cracks civilisation’s illusions Constants hidden and thrown into question Despite itself logic loses control Great Nature reminds … Continue reading

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Lost in space?

Lost Vacant Dispossessed Logical thought Vaguely remembered Gift of humanity Discarded for trivia Feed them on vile vacuities Fiction calls itself reality Filling the void of imagination Media-created zombies slumber Wide-eyed and awake before the screen Vicariously satisfied Their debasement … Continue reading

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