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Round the bend…

From the vaults: I was going to learn to drive… that was my first priority on reaching the age of eighteen. I filled out the forms, posted the letter and waited for the provisional licence to arrive. It came a … Continue reading

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The gales are howling again here tonight. The branches in the garden are fast losing their remaining leaves; one good frost and winter will be complete. For now, there are still little geraniums and the odd sheltered rose still in … Continue reading

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Thinking time

What is your criteria for a good book? Apart from wanting it to be well written and presented, what is it that you look for? Entertainment value? Information? Emotion, relaxation or a momentary escape from the humdrum round of daily … Continue reading

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There are certain things we learn in order to live as part of a society that has, at least, the potential to live in harmony. There are orderly patterns that make up our lives, dictated by everything from our natural … Continue reading

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How else?

“YOU NEED TO BELIEVE IN THINGS THAT AREN’T TRUE. HOW ELSE CAN THEY BECOME?” Terry Pratchett, Hogfather For Colleen’s Writer’s Quote Wednesday & Ronovan’s BeWow

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“Anything is possible…”

It was a dark and stormy night… which was a bit of a surprise when I’d only closed my eyes for a few minutes after lunch. I’m fairly certain the only reason I woke then was the distinctive sound of … Continue reading

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Writer’s Quote Wednesday and #BeWOW

I’m cheating for Colleen’s Writer’s Quote Wednesday and Ronovan’s #BeWOW posts this week.. it seems the right thing to do. My son has just started blogging… finally… and ended his ‘About’ page with the perfect quote from Christopher Reeve. If … Continue reading

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Forsaken Fears

Since we began to build the Silent Eye School I have been on a journey. I suppose I always have. The life I have lived, the choices I have made in face of events, the books I have read and … Continue reading

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Spreading your sails

For Colleen’s Writer’s Quote Wednesday Teillhard de Chardin was an unusual man… a palaeontologist and geologist who was also a Jesuit priest. A man of great, if unorthodox faith whose views caused something of a stir in the Vatican. He … Continue reading

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