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For a bacon sandwich…

Although this was written a few years ago during a relatively minor, though annoying, health problem… now that I can no longer swallow effectively with the cancer, it seems to fit the bill perfectly 😉 I’m just a tad bored … Continue reading

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The Shifting Stones of Stonehenge ~ Steve Tanham

Not to be outdone by the recent discoveries on Orkney, Stonehenge – one of the world’s most famous stone circles – has thrown up a whole new story about its origins… and its original face. (1100 words, a ten-minute read) … Continue reading

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H. R. R. Gorman reviews Finding Don and Wen…

A five star review on Amazon of “Finding Don and Wen” from author, H. R. R. Gorman… Intriguing Delve into Mystery and Growth This short little book is deceptively deep. While on its surface just a collection of letters, Finding … Continue reading

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Temple of Living Light

* The third book should have been straight-forward. “If the first two are, ‘…Land’ and ‘…Lore’, respectively, then, Giants Dance should be ‘…Light’. * “I can’t even remember what’s in it.” “Doom and gloom, mostly, I think.” * We need … Continue reading

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