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Dying embers wane;Pictures form and fade,A brief existence,Echoing memory.Eyes and starlightFlicker gleams of recognition.Long ago and tomorrowLose their meaningRiding smoke as dreams.Old ones whisperThe tales that remain.Time stands stillAs the fire dies. For the dVerse Quadrille Follow my blog with … Continue reading

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Willow Willers reviews “Laughter Lines: Life From The Tail End” by Sue Vincent

Yet another five-star review for the small dog… Such a wonderful book, to make you laugh and cry in turn. Ani and Sue have such a beautiful relationship and that shines through. Continue reading at The Small Dog’s Blog

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The Small Dog Considers …

He’s bringing tea and coffee through, With toast and honey, biscuits too, To pick her up when she feels drained… And I thought I had got him trained! * I’m sort of glad, though, to be fair, ‘Cause, what with … Continue reading

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