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The Apostrophe ~ Connie Jasperson #amwriting

Reblogged from Life in the Realm of Fantasy: Today we’re looking at the sometimes confusing apostrophe. It has many uses, but I will only delve into the most common ways we use it in creative writing today. In creative writing, … Continue reading

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Encryption… Stuart France

* Now they had unleashed the hounds the outcome of the chase was inevitable. One shard of memory alone held hope… Slipping into the museum without paying could only encourage capture… The dark arches spoke of deep secrets too arcane … Continue reading

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Bloody Valentines: Mary Shelley’s Tell-Tale Heart ~ Christine Valentor

Reblogged from witchlike: We all know that Mary Shelley is the author of Frankenstein, a phenomenal work of Gothic horror. But did you know that the gory details of Mary Shelley’s life itself read better than any novel? Perhaps the … Continue reading

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Originally posted on Kyt Wright:
? “Lovely sunset.” observed Tracy. “First sunset of our new lives.” said Dave. “We should move on to the habitat.” “I want to stay here for a while.” “Fair enough.” The couple watched the sun…

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Thursday photo prompt: New #writephoto

Originally posted on Ann Writes Inspiration:
Here’s a writing prompt challenge for you. Please share your story, poem or essay on your own blog with a pingback to the original post. via Thursday photo prompt: New #writephoto

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Night Tightens Like a Noose

Originally posted on Powered by Robots:
© Sue Vincent “The circle of an empty day is brutal and at night it tightens around your neck like a noose.” Elisa Gutierrez realized they only had a few seconds between the flash…

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Emergence – Thursday photo prompt: New #writephoto

Originally posted on Strange Goings On In The Shed:
Image: Sue Vincent https://scvincent.com/2019/02/14/thursday-photo-prompt-new-writephoto/ For this offering I’m bringing back two characters who are important components of my blog. The Knight Templar, Pau, and Amunet, Alchemist, Priestess, Primordial Goddess. She first…

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The Letter-Man: Coincidence…

* The English letter ‘Eye’ seems an almost exact equivalent of the old style Hebraic Yod. Its close relative ‘Jay’, in Hebrew, has been subsumed in the same form. * English capital ‘Eye’, the higher self, links heaven and earth. … Continue reading

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Abimelech of Gerar…

* Abraham journeyed towards the south-country… Passing between Kadesh and Sur he entered into Gerar. * Abimelech, the king of Gerar sent, and took Sarah. * That night, God came to Abimelech, in a dream, and said, “You are a … Continue reading

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Riding the rapids

I feel like a limp rag at the moment. It has been a hectic few weeks… just an accumulation of small things. Most of it has just been busy, some of it, behind the scenes, has not been so good … Continue reading

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