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Rashida’s World~ Adele #writephoto

She ran to the stone. It was her escape from her world. She always made sure she was alone before she clung to its sides, said the words and was transported to another world—a world where slavery didn’t exist. One … Continue reading

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Timeless ~ Di #writephoto

For visually challenged writers, Sue’s image this week shows a single standing stone in a winter landscape. The little ones gathered round to listen to his stories of days long ago. They never tired of tales of knights and damsels, … Continue reading

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The Look Of My Soul

Originally posted on The Chatter Blog:
Do you ever picture your soul, living, in a place? Where it breathes unrestricted. Where it is connected to everything that empowers it, emboldens it, enlivens it.  Though it is not attached to anything.…

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Wise Women Travellers at Dropping Pennies: Rivers of Energy, Places of Power

Reblogged from Dropping Pennies, where Widdershins is a guest: Hello Everyone! Today I am honored to have Widdershins as guest Blog post.  Read On & Enjoy! Widdershins has just published her book, Prelude – The Gaining Of Shamanic Wisdom. It’s … Continue reading

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When India closes a door… #travel #humor

Originally posted on Barb Taub:
“Madam. You are coming to India every year for business?” The nice officer at the eVisa desk at Delhi Airport was confused about all the India stamps in my passport. No, I explained, Madam just…

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Timeless ~ Kyt Wright #writephoto

From the journal of Professor Arnold Guthridge of St Aidan’s College. February 21 1890. It had stood there for as long as anyone could remember, people claimed that it had justy appeared one misty morning and that the passage of … Continue reading

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Made to Wonder…

* What did God do with Sarai’s ‘Yod’? Does God possess an unlimited supply of ‘Heh’s’ for distribution? Is this stash of ‘Heh’s’, what really constitutes ‘god-head’? * Frivolous questions… * I know what I would do with the ‘Yod’ … Continue reading

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Timeless ~ Rosemary Carlson #writephoto

She often came this way. She stopped and sat on the fence, looking at the single, timeless standing stone. It always caused her carefully controlled mind to wander. Back and forward. Backwards, she wondered where they came from. What they … Continue reading

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Notes from a small dog: IndieAni Bones and the dragon’s lair

It was a misty morning when she woke me. She was up and about earlier than usual… I wasn’t even awake when she started bustling about… and yet, when I’d had my breakfast and went for the leash, all I … Continue reading

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Flight… Stuart France

* As the narrow-boat’s snout tickled the under-bridge, Black-Jack cut the engine and peered through the white gloom… A landing-official waved his stray arm in greeting, the lights beyond him intimated warmth and festivity. An Owl screeched! Black-Jack turned to … Continue reading

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