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By the time you are reading this, children all over the country will be up and getting ready for Halloween, be it Dressing up, Trick or Treating or a visit to the Bonfire, Samhain…

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River of the Sun, Chapter Three – The Dark Waters

Originally posted on Sun in Gemini:
Chapter 3 – The Dark Waters Rameses II, soon to be King, Chosen of Ra, Justice of Ra, stood in the prow of the Beak of Horus, looking northwards into the darkness that had…

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It’s gone quiet again…

According to the number of notifications not currently stuffing my inbox to the brim as I would usually expect, I have to assume that either a) everyone has emigrated off-planet in case the calculations about the asteroid are wrong, b) … Continue reading

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Gems in the garret…

You know you have a problem when you desperately run hot water in the bathroom to try and bring back the notes you scribbled in the steam on the mirror… there was, after all, nothing else handy. And you were … Continue reading

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For Ani’s friend

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How not to go viral…

My fingertips are frozen blue, I’m boiled and casting clothing. Were I a man, it would be ‘flu… I read reports with loathing That womankind copes better Going viral in this manner, And while my nose gets wetter I’m afraid … Continue reading

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G. Michael Vasey on the second edition of the Mystical Hexagram

This weekend, the paperback and kindle versions of The Mystical Hexagram – 2nd Edition became available. The book is a joint project with prolific author Sue Vincent, who incidentally designed the beautiful new cover. An additional chapter is contained in … Continue reading

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