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It has been a lousy weekend. How’s that for a start to a cold, wet Monday? The wind demolished the fence and it is now beyond my skill to fix it single handedly, and the dog is persistent in her … Continue reading

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The Sixth Night…

Draumas Mægðe Dreams wake to fear, eternal night wraps icy fingers around the heart. Summoned by need the soul slips quietly into the shadows that veil it from itself. Ragged wisps of affection drift and fall as he moves across … Continue reading

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Through the Alchemy of My Darkest Nights

Originally posted on Jamie Dedes' THE POET BY DAY Webzine:
For my sisters and all their children. Love, Jamie TODAY WE RISE “The world is missing what we have to offer, our wisdom, our sweetness, our love and our hunger…

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Magic remembered

Graeme Cumming started me thinking with his article about the Christmas spirit. I can recall a lot of my childhood Christmas gifts, including the four foot golly my mother bought me when I was fourteen. I never knew why, just … Continue reading

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River of the Sun, Chapter Seven – The Crystal Air

Originally posted on Sun in Gemini:
? Chapter Seven The Crystal Air The great candles hissed and spat, casting off acrid fumes that were masked by the sweet incense rising from the copper burners, made to an ancient formula which…

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The many and the one

My dog is a cheese hound, though chicken attracts her But show her a tennis ball, nothing distracts her. She’s partial to cuddles, and happy to nuzzle, Likes having her ears scratched and strokes on her muzzle, But soon as … Continue reading

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‘OFFENCEomania’- The New Epidemic in Town

Originally posted on CEREBRATION:
? Taking offence has now become the new ‘normal.’ People across the globe are now taking offence at the drop of a hat. It’s spreading like a fatal disease and is gradually becoming an epidemic. What…

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