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Ronovan’s haiku prompt

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Morning misanthropy…

“Oooh, you look well!” She beams you a chirpy smile across the yard, halting you in your progress with the heavy load of rubbish for the bin. You force the pained grimace into more acceptable lines, unwilling to scare the … Continue reading

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The Sunday Times Short Story Competition – Self-Published authors need not apply!

Self published, traditionally published or unpublished… is that how we should define a writer? Talent might be a better criteria, don’t you think?

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Ben’s Bit, part six – Far Away Places

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The air is blazing on the Greek island. There is a faint breeze blowing off the shore, but it does little to cool the afternoon. Sitting comfortably in my beach chair, I wiggle my…

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Lifting the skirts of the church

There is a modern, central altar in Bakewell church that brings the service into the heart of the congregation, but behind it lies the choir and chancel and a world of woodcarving many will miss. It starts with the two … Continue reading

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Amidst our leavings Poor discarded offerings Of mundanity Nature’s small beauties Follow her wilful children Cleaning city streets Passing unnoticed A moment when eye meets eye Shares understanding

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Second Chance is #Free on #Kindle this weekend

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I’m delighted to let you know that Second Chance, my near-future thriller is available as a FREE Ebook on Kindle from the 29th – 31st August. You can download it today by clicking on one of the links below. To get Second Chance FREE from click here…

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The Scale of Life

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Tree full with leaves etched deeper into cloud With blue beyond that thinly veils like shroud The living globe which hangs in blackest space Lit golden eyed by central Sun with fiery face Cast…

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Behind the Face of Nicholas Rossis

Originally posted on INVOLUTION: Science and God: Reality Redefined:
I asked Nicholas whether he would agree to be interviewed in rather a ‘personal’ and targeted way. I am less interested in the writer than in the life that lies behind…

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