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Keepers of the Planetary Flame

I came across the Keepers of the Planetary Flame some years ago via Coleston Brown, author of many esoteric books including Secrets of a Faery Landscape and The Mystery of the Seven Directions (with Gareth Knight). I joined the group … Continue reading

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Red beast

I lost the plot completely, unleashing a vituperative stream of incandescent profanity that took even me by surprise. I had been doing so well too. The metaphorical cat had only been kicked in silent solitude, but there are occasions when … Continue reading

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Coffee break

It has not been an easy morning, following long and strange night. It is odd how we can go through the most unusual situations and still face the day with every appearance of normality sometimes. We are a resilient species … Continue reading

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A question of choice

I have been thinking a lot lately. You may have noticed. Not that my mind often stops. It sleeps occasionally, though even my dreams are busy. Sometimes it goes into abeyance and I stand back and watch another me, one … Continue reading

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A nice, restful Sunday…

I wished the camera was within reach. As the kettle boiled I had opened the door for Ani to go out and prepared her breakfast. Calling her in I watched, astonished, as she skidded to a halt and began the … Continue reading

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Glastonbury: Thursday 2nd October

The Glaston Centre School of Learning and The Silent Eye present: The Living Enneagram – Pathways of the Soul With the Silent Eye School of Consciousness Following the successful use of the enneagram floor mat as a basis for exploring the … Continue reading

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Toxic crusader

My son was still in bed when I arrived and we established, very early in the morning’s proceedings, that I am still feeling fragile. Largely because I was curled up like the small dog, groaning on the foot of his … Continue reading

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A case for paper

“They look untidy.” I bridle, hackles rise. “They’re not there to look tidy.” “You can’t possibly have read them all.” The eyes narrow. “Wanna bet?” Okay, that wasn’t strictly true. I hadn’t read the leftover footballer’s memoirs I’d bought him … Continue reading

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The Lord of the Elements

Originally posted on The Magical World of G. Michael Vasey:
The Lord of the Elements is the prequel to The Last Observer and it focuses, for reasons those who have read The Last Observer will understand, on Edward Bright. Edward…

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Guest Blog: Once Upon A Time by author Sue Vincent

Guest blog on ‘A Woman’s Wisdom’

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