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Butterflies in the rain

Miracles happen. No, I’m not talking about the restoration of the internet, that’s still down, but I don’t like feeling angry and a comment from Marilyn at Serendipity reminded me that miracles do happen. And that set me thinking, following … Continue reading

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Losing it

The problems with the ultra slow to non-existent internet connection continue and, after several days struggling with this, my patience is running quite thin. You’ll note the British reserve there… The online chat support died and failed to resuscitate after … Continue reading

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Vanity in vain

You close your eyes as the blades come together. It is at this point you send a silent prayer to whichever ancestor first introduced the genetic material that gave you curly hair. It hides a lot. And at times like … Continue reading

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Kindle Countdown – The Initiate – “Flying kites…”

A Kindle Countdown price promotion will be running from 30th August to 5th September on Amazon UK and Amazon.com “WEN…” “Now.” “I know now.” “What do you now know?” “I know what the mission is.” “Well that didn’t take long.” … Continue reading

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