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Normal rules don’t apply

“I’d kill the bastard, if it was one of my kids.” I’ve heard that so many times over the past few years since my son was stabbed through the brain. I can understand it; that is precisely what I would … Continue reading

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Gloop and purple porridge

“Can we just stand by the door a bit longer?” His voice is pained, almost desperate. My son is obviously in some discomfort. I burst out laughing. “At least when I belch it isn’t going ‘gloop’ now.” This is progress, … Continue reading

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Notes from a small dog XLIV

I’m bored. Really bored. It’s raining outside and she’s shut the door. I haven’t been allowed outside for almost an hour! Can you believe that? Personally, I think someone should call the RSPCA… I’m sure it constitutes Cruelty to Anis … Continue reading

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