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Roman London ~ Beetley Pete

Given my interest in our earlier ancestors, I have a bit of a love/hate relationship with the Romans who invaded and colonised much of England and Wales… but their culture had an undeniable impact on our own and there are … Continue reading

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Size matters

In our modern world, when we are accustomed to seeing skyscrapers on every skyline, size seems to have lost much of its potency.  Giant airliners fly overhead carrying hundreds of passengers. The biggest cruise ship could hold the entire population … Continue reading

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About time – Lichfield cathedral

I had been going to do it for ages. Almost every trip north for the past few years has seen me take the back roads rather than the motorway…and with each trip the three carved spires have drawn my eye … Continue reading

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The past in the present

The little museum didn’t open for a while so coffee and toasted teacakes seemed to be called for and a brief meeting to discuss School business while our companions wandered off to inspect the little town before we reconvened.The museum … Continue reading

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