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Sign ~ Di #writephoto

Mattie was always losing her hat. In the old days, it would sit atop her broom in the corner, Cat curled up in the brush content and plump from a successful mousing spree. Mattie didn’t like the new ways. Things … Continue reading

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The hoover? Damn…

The dog has got me sussed, it seems, I can get nothing past her… No matter what approach I try She’s always thinking faster. “I’ll hoover in a minute, girl” ‘We’ll see,’ I see her thinking… Then launches into mad-dog … Continue reading

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Notes from a small dog: Trauma

She lost my ball. Traumatised, I was. The special ball… the only ball. Well, okay, I may have a couple of dozen more, but this one is the ball. And it wasn’t my fault, whatever she says. It wasn’t me … Continue reading

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Symmetry and the small dog

I heard her, five minutes before the alarm was due to drag me from my bed. It is the first night in ages that I have woken there… I await a new mattress, having given in to the pressure of … Continue reading

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Caught in a web

It was a dark and stormy night… Well, okay, actually it was a bright, sunny afternoon and all I really wanted to do was go out and play… take the dog and the camera, perhaps… look at the greenery and … Continue reading

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