The Last of Eden by Frank Prem and the Use of Writing Prompts…

Just before Christmas, I received a book in the post from poet, Frank Prem.  The book had not yet been formally published, the author had not seen a copy himself at that point and the book was still awaiting editing. Nevertheless, and given the uncertainty of my continued presence, I had been sent a copy as some of my photographs had provided inspiration for some of the poems included in the volume.

Whenever this has happened, whenever my images, words or the #writephoto prompts were used to inspire the work of others, from the simplest verse to the most complex of long-running serials, some of which became published novels, I have always felt a deep sense of privilege to be a small part of that creative process.

With Frank’s book in my hand, I looked at images that, for me, evoked memories of times, people and places long past, while reading the emotions and thoughts conjured in the mind of a poet unfamiliar with the story behind the photograph. It added yet another layer to the rich tapestry of the poet’s painted words.

As Frank himself works with The Last of Eden, please read his blog post below to gain some insight into the poetic process of using images and words as inspiration….

Reblogged from Frank Prem:

Use of Writing Prompts: Selflessness in Contemplation

~ Frank Prem

Following on from previous thoughts about inspirations for writing, I have been contemplating a little, as I edit, on the role and use of writing prompts as inspiration.

It is true, of course, that all writing is in some way ‘prompted‘. What I’m thinking about and want to discuss just a little, is the role and use of specific prompts, like:

. a word
. or a phrase
. or an image

Continue reading at Frank Prem

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4 Responses to The Last of Eden by Frank Prem and the Use of Writing Prompts…

  1. Frank makes an interesting point about letting the prompt speak to us…I might try that, since I always feel blank when faced by a prompt

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    • Sue Vincent says:

      I write many of my midnighthaiku by pulling a random imag from my files and letting it tell me what to write… Prompts can suggest some abstract tings if you let them 🙂


  2. memadtwo says:

    You’ve inspired both rich writing and art with your photos Sue. How wonderful to be included in Frank’s book. (K)

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