Libation – Jan Malique

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Image: Rhyton in shape of bull’s head,  Jan Malique

From reading my posts you may have inferred that I’ve a habit of wandering down paths strange and dreamlike. This will never change, the call of ancestral voices and ancient stories drive me ever onwards towards distant horizons. Such things have been the motivating forces behind human exploration. Exploration of territories on the inner and outer reaches of consciousness.

My last post was a hymn offered up to the Great Mother, rather, one aspect of Her. The land has a strong pull on my spirit, surprising one might say of a former city dweller. One could speculate that this special relationship is encoded in our DNA; a remembrance of beginnings all but forgotten.


Earth Mother (1882), Edward Burne-Jones, Wikiart

Beginnings containing worship of primordial deities who stare back at us with wry knowing. Formless powers personified as elemental forces, Fire, Air, Water, Earth and something yet more mysterious, one that overshadows the others. What has been named as Spirit or Quintessence by Alchemists, a Fifth element.

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