Raven’s Dawn – by Charles Yallowitz #horror #thriller #Halloween

Reblogged from Charles E. Yallowitz at Legends of Windemere… Raven’s Dawn is the third in Charles’ Raven series, a serialised story he has been continuing for the past three years each October for Halloween…

(Here we go!  The third installment of the Dawn Addison/Raven Series.  For anyone who is curious about what happened earlier, here is a link to the finale of Raven’s Game.)

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Standing on the outskirts of the pack, Trina pulls her large coat around her body and bounces on her toes. Her breath comes out in puffs, the freezing upstate New York air more bitter than she ever imagined. The college freshman begins to question why she came so far north for school, but the sight of two attractive sophomores eyeing her makes the young woman forget her worries. Not being a pledge, Trina stands out from many of the other girls because she has no Greek letters on her face or streaks in her hair. If it was not for losing a billiard game to her roommate, she would probably have remained inside. Instead, she is standing at the western point of campus in front of an already chuckling crowd. Feeling the icy chill nip at her nose, the black-haired student waves to another girl who walks over with a tray of shots. With a shivering hand, she takes one of the drinks and downs it to feel a burning that runs down to her belly. It is only after Trina is done that she considers alcohol might not be the best thing to have before going through with the challenge.

A sharp whistle silences all the runners and they turn to where a couple are standing up ahead. The man and woman look warm in their winter clothing, but their exposed hands still shiver as they grip their trashcan lids. When another whistle goes off, they slam the metal lids together and hurry to the side of the road. All the runners scramble to strip completely naked and begin the yearly winter streak that will take them across campus. Cheers from the crowd see them off, those in the middle of the pack feeling more comfortable than those on the edge. Only those that are completely drunk show off with a small dance before rushing to catch up to the others.

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