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#writephoto microfiction: Refuge

Originally posted on Jane Dougherty Writes:
For Sue Vincent’s Thursday photo prompt. Once it had been a refuge. A wall three feet thick had ringed it about, and in the winter the snow lay so deep against the gate no…

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A poet is not a pedagogue

Originally posted on Tallis Steelyard:
. I have mused over this issue for some time. Why do so many people mistake poets for pedagogues? I have come to the conclusion that pedagogues charge higher rates, and thus the matrons turn…

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Thursday Photo Prompt – Cave – #writephoto

Use the image to create a post on your own blog… poetry, prose, humour… by noon (GMT)  Wednesday 31th August and link back to this post with a pingback. Please make sure that the pingback works and if not, copy … Continue reading

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Photo prompt round-up – Glimpsed #writephoto

The photograph for this week’s prompt was taken at Bolsover Castle… a place of history and some very intriguing stories all of its own. The ghostly shot was part of a display illustrating the lives of some of the erstwhile … Continue reading

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The Unseen Sea – 3: the hand of time

Originally posted on The Silent Eye:
Part Three of The Unseen Sea: adrift in the enneagram The busy square is suddenly hushed. He watches as the four-year old girl with the golden hair runs ahead of her mother towards him.…

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Going west – stories great and small

It is impossible to walk through any ancient place and not wonder about its story. In somewhere like St Davids Cathedral there are many stories, from those of the craftsmen who built the place, to the Story that inspired their … Continue reading

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Way Old Time… from Stuart France

* ‘Of circular possibilities’… ** ‘Eyeing the Chasm’… ** ‘Extending a welcome’… Continue reading here

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Heritage #midnighthaiku

Endless connections Soul-deep roots bear living fruit Embraced by the tree Ritu at But I Smile Anyway is the first to host TJ Paris’ floating haiku challenge from the Haiku Hub. Why not wander over and join in?       

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