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#writephoto microfiction: Refuge

Originally posted on Jane Dougherty Writes:
For Sue Vincent’s Thursday photo prompt. Once it had been a refuge. A wall three feet thick had ringed it about, and in the winter the snow lay so deep against the gate no…

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A poet is not a pedagogue

Originally posted on Tallis Steelyard:
. I have mused over this issue for some time. Why do so many people mistake poets for pedagogues? I have come to the conclusion that pedagogues charge higher rates, and thus the matrons turn…

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Thursday Photo Prompt – Cave – #writephoto

Use the image to create a post on your own blog… poetry, prose, humour… by noon (GMT)  Wednesday 31th August and link back to this post with a pingback. Please make sure that the pingback works and if not, copy … Continue reading

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Photo prompt round-up – Glimpsed #writephoto

The photograph for this week’s prompt was taken at Bolsover Castle… a place of history and some very intriguing stories all of its own. The ghostly shot was part of a display illustrating the lives of some of the erstwhile … Continue reading

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The Unseen Sea – 3: the hand of time

Originally posted on The Silent Eye:
Part Three of The Unseen Sea: adrift in the enneagram The busy square is suddenly hushed. He watches as the four-year old girl with the golden hair runs ahead of her mother towards him.…

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Way Old Time… from Stuart France

* ‘Of circular possibilities’… ** ‘Eyeing the Chasm’… ** ‘Extending a welcome’… Continue reading here

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Heritage #midnighthaiku

Endless connections Soul-deep roots bear living fruit Embraced by the tree Ritu at But I Smile Anyway is the first to host TJ Paris’ floating haiku challenge from the Haiku Hub. Why not wander over and join in?       

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