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All water under the bridge; (In a manner of speaking.)

Originally posted on Tallis Steelyard:
? It rained. Now in Port Naain this is not unusual, the prevailing wind seems to bring us storms off the sea, and some think they are channelled by the estuary and thus fall on…

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Thursday photo prompt – Glimpsed – #writephoto

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Originally posted on method two madness:
I thought I sought demons, discreetly hidden as ghosts, pressed between remote pages. instead I found the cage of memory, an enclosure beyond caring, saving, or time. The word prompt “ghost” from The Daily…

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Glimpsed – #writephoto…

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The Unseen Sea – 2: Kiss of the Planets

Originally posted on The Silent Eye:
Part Two of The Unseen Sea: adrift in the enneagram LUCA didn’t know it back then, but her birth as the all-mother of organic life on Earth was witnessed by the entire solar system.…

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Ascent #midnighthaiku

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