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The Mill by Éilis Niamh

Reblogged from Éilis Niamh at The Sound of What Happens Lugach fixed his son with a soul-piercing stare. “I entrusted her to you for no more than half a sun’s climb, Cormac. Where is she!” Seeing the pain threatening to … Continue reading

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The Standing Stones of Dunruchan from Walking with a Smacked Pentax

Reblogged from James Elkington at Walking with a Smacked Pentax: We had been driving for what seemed like ages without seeing another soul on this beautiful Scottish mountain road. Eventually we stopped at the side of a pine forest and … Continue reading

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Water Wheel Dreams by Helen Jones

Helen, from Journey to Ambeth, added this story to last week’s ‘Silent’ photo prompt… There have been a few writing prompts that I’ve missed this past week, including this one from Sue at The Daily Echo, for which the deadline … Continue reading

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The long stems of the periwinkle, vinca major, were used to make garlands and their Latin name comes from vincio, ‘to bind’. Periwinkles have been used medicinally for centuries, principally for its astringent qualities and to help stop bleeding. It … Continue reading

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