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Sleuth Fest Success by S.K. Nicholls

Susan is celebrating….find out why… Reblogged from S.K.Nicholls Friday night Cocktail Hour, me and my husband milling through the crowd looking at all the pasta and potatoes we couldn’t eat, and holding up the pillars in the room. Me sipping … Continue reading

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Beyond the Door – Conjuring for Beginners by K.L. Caley

From K.L. Caley at new2writing, in response to my photo prompt: Maddie opened the doorway just a jar and peeped out.She couldn’t believe it had worked. Turning tentatively back into the classroom, she glanced around watching as others made popping, … Continue reading

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Notes from a small dog – Wish I had fleas

There may be just a short intermission… She has gone to the doctor’s you see, So while she is off gallivanting, You’ll just have to put up with me. She had done all the housework this morning, (I can put … Continue reading

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The Three Realms from Singing Head

Reblogged from Singing Head. The blessing of heaven, cloud blessing, The blessing of earth, fruit blessing, The blessing of sea, fish blessing.¹ Groups of three crop up a lot in spiritual, religious and philosophical traditions. For example the Christian Trinity, the Three … Continue reading

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