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We had a late night visitor… Ani was a little perplexed…. I managed to convince her it wasn’t a ball and she couldn’t play with it and got her inside. When the hedgehog felt safe again and went off on … Continue reading

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Almost there…

I have been hunting. Chasing the errant apostrophe, relentlessly pursuing absconding commas and pouncing upon nigh-invisible extra spaces. My eyes are still scrolling, though the pages have, for now, stopped… Yes. Proofing. Not. I hasten to add, alone. Other eyes … Continue reading

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New and unusual…

Now don’t get me wrong, I’m not complaining. Just curious. For the third time I had woken up to a whole day’s worth of page views before I had even put the kettle on for the first coffee. Yes, I … Continue reading

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Freestyle writing challenge – My first love

Thank you to Judy of Edwina’s Episodes for tagging me in another Freestyle writing challenge. They are fun to do, but this time I won’t pass it along. If you would like to take part, the guidelines and a new … Continue reading

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Notes from a small dog LIX

Now that’s cool… LIX… supposed to be 59, but for a dog, that’s perfect. Might start signing my pawtographs that way… It’s almost as good as the three kisses when we got to 30… ‘cause I’ve always put the ‘xxx’ … Continue reading

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Hollow hills…

Originally posted on The Silent Eye:
This poem, written by Kathleen Raine, was one of the readings shared by the companions at the Mountains of the Sun weekend. We were seated atop an ancient long barrow, that had been built…

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Last stop – Wayland’s Smithy

We had the morning and the sun. By the time we had gathered in the car park amid dancing butterflies, Sunday was bidding fair to be a perfect example of English summer at its best. It is a little over … Continue reading

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