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We had a late night visitor… Ani was a little perplexed…. I managed to convince her it wasn’t a ball and she couldn’t play with it and got her inside. When the hedgehog felt safe again and went off on … Continue reading

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Almost there…

I have been hunting. Chasing the errant apostrophe, relentlessly pursuing absconding commas and pouncing upon nigh-invisible extra spaces. My eyes are still scrolling, though the pages have, for now, stopped… Yes. Proofing. Not. I hasten to add, alone. Other eyes … Continue reading

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New and unusual…

Now don’t get me wrong, I’m not complaining. Just curious. For the third time I had woken up to a whole day’s worth of page views before I had even put the kettle on for the first coffee. Yes, I … Continue reading

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