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Yew – BART Station Bard

Reblogged from BART Station Bard: Ents at Kingley Vale   Yew. Deep peace of the Grove. Silence in the back of my head. Like the Druid’s tonsure, forbidden at Whitby. When the Wild Celtic Church was tamed, Rome had its … Continue reading

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Guest author: Paul Andruss – THE GOLDEN BOUGH

The third in a series of guest posts by author  Paul Andruss… It never struck me why the druids called mistletoe ‘The Golden Bough’ until I saw it in flower. The small insignificant flowers turn the whole plant dull gold … Continue reading

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Bloom Where You’re Planted from BART Station Bard

Reblogged from Bart Station Bard The funny thing is, by doing this I have entered into a conversation with my world. Gaia encourages me. She tells me jokes and gives me gifts. The scattered shreds of red plastic near Ocean … Continue reading

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Find Us A Place by BART Station Bard

Do we really need four walls? Reblogged from BART Station Bard Do Druids need a community center? This question comes up fairly often. I’ve definitely thought of it myself. There’s an empty church nestled next to the largest trees in … Continue reading

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The Three Realms from Singing Head

Reblogged from Singing Head. The blessing of heaven, cloud blessing, The blessing of earth, fruit blessing, The blessing of sea, fish blessing.¹ Groups of three crop up a lot in spiritual, religious and philosophical traditions. For example the Christian Trinity, the Three … Continue reading

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