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A day of little things

It has been a beautiful spring day here, so the fact that the heating has died again didn’t become apparent until I dipped my toe in the nice, hot bath I had run and found it to be about as … Continue reading

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Mince pies and history

I managed to resist a whole ten minutes… my guest won’t really want a whole dozen after all… eleven will do… I may have mentioned that I have a bit of a thing for mince pies. Especially home-made ones. Especially … Continue reading

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Cold buttered toast

I had missed out on breakfast this morning, And I’m not of the type to do brunch, With my nose firmly glued to the keyboard I completely forgot about lunch. Now by mid-afternoon I was hungry And so, with the … Continue reading

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Spiced memories

It is perhaps only when you begin to teach something that you have been doing on autopilot for most of your life that you start to realise just how much you have learned over the years. Like most women who … Continue reading

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Raw penguins and curried sons

·  “Just posting the magpies…” ·  “I thought you’d got stuck..” ·   “I’ll let you see the magpie if it comes out okay” ·  “Cool. Remember – fast shutter = sharp penguins!” ·  “Sadly a lot of the penguins are … Continue reading

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