Patterned in Dorset

Sun in Gemini

I’ll leave the detail to they who planned this : Stuart and Sue. But, some real-time photos and narration will give a flavour of the Silent Eye’s 2018 pre-solstice weekend, here in beautiful Dorset.

Dorset-based, yet our first journey was 18 miles north into Somerset, to the legendary South Cadbury site of the ‘Arthurian Castle, the site of an an ancient fortified settlement, and a place of great ‘earth-power’. We began at the lovely church of St Thomas à Becket. Not shown on the maps, and with a mysterious past…

The locally painted picture, above, says it all… by the time this church was built they had learned the folly of imposing new building on places of ancient power, despite the traditional advice of St Augustine.

This one was built just below the hill; to coexist. And, what a hill…

We climbed up Cadbury ‘castle’

To find the distant north…

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About Stuart France

Writer and Director of The Silent Eye, a modern Mystery School.
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  1. noelleg44 says:

    I do like being brought along!

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