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Beyond the door – writing prompt round up

The door opens slowly on its rusty hinges, as if the hand that propels it is afraid of what it might find. The village street is bathed in silence and the long shadows of sunrise. A patch of motion slips … Continue reading

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Beyond the Door – Conjuring for Beginners by K.L. Caley

From K.L. Caley at new2writing, in response to my photo prompt: Maddie opened the doorway just a jar and peeped out.She couldn’t believe it had worked. Turning tentatively back into the classroom, she glanced around watching as others made popping, … Continue reading

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Vestige by Morgan

From Cynthia Morgan at Booknvolume in response to my photo prompt: In a Forgotten Field, By an Abandoned Wall, A Portal Awaits, Enigma to All. Vestige of another Time, Another Place; A Remnant of Yesterday, Gone without a trace; Yet … Continue reading

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Beyond the Door…

From my writing partner, Stuart France for the photo prompt… “Oooh look!” said Wen, “It’s a Hobbit Door…” “Well, it’s certainly a very Hobbit-Like door,” said Don, less enthusiastically. “I wonder what’s on the other side,” said Wen ignoring Don’s … Continue reading

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The Fairy Door by Helen Jones

From Helen Jones, author of the Ambeth Chronicles in response to the photo prompt… Beyond the door the pathway waits, Through trees and tiny fairy gates, Lined with velvet petals sweet Mosses soft beneath your feet Branches whisper as you … Continue reading

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‘Lil Door from TamrahJo

Reblogged from TamrahJo at The Good, Bad and Ludicrous This post inspired by provided picture and Sue Vincent’s “Beyond the door…writing prompt”. I journeyed far, To reach the magical ‘lil door – “Portal to Paradise” ‘Twas rumoured…   Only to discover it unyielding, To first, … Continue reading

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