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Long distance relationship – Iain Kelly #writephoto

Harold, are you listening?’ ‘Hmm, oh, sorry. I drifted off there.’ ‘Sandra was just saying that you seem distant sometimes.’ ‘Distant? No, not at all. I wouldn’t say that.’ He  pulled himself up straight on the uncomfortable chair and gave … Continue reading

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The road north goes south…

Thursday morning… we’ve made good time with the jobs. I’m packed and ready to go…and waving my son off for a ride. I’ll be making an early exit and heading north. With time on my hands and the weather glorious, … Continue reading

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“First day back!” says the mechanic, who looks well fed, well rested and uncompromisingly cheerful. I resist the unreasonable urge to haul him over the counter and disembowel him with his own monkey wrench. I smile sweetly. Explain the predicament. … Continue reading

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Headlights on dark roads…?

 I do not recommend the Ford Puma for anyone taller than, say, three foot, who wishes to spend a night in a car, particularly if you want to be able to move again in the morning. Though ‘wishes’ may be … Continue reading

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