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Cake crumbs

I have always baked, ever since I was a little girl helping in the kitchen. I was taught early about such arcane practices as rubbing in, folding and kneading and how to keep my pastry cool and my dough warm. … Continue reading

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Like a spear that roars for blood

And Greidyawl-the-Wise came into the clearing where sat Gwythyr surrounded by all the birds and animals, and he took from Gwythyr’s grasp the harp of Tertiu-the-Melodious. “Like a spear that roars for blood,” sang Greidyawl-the-Wise, “Or the flower whose face … Continue reading

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Culling caterpillars

I had occasion to visit the supermarket yesterday. I had been pouncing on almost any excuse not to do so, but eventually, it became a necessity. I have never enjoyed shopping at the best of times… apart from bookshops, of … Continue reading

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