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Caught in my son’s garden today, this little family of bluetits made me smile. The babies, like little masked raiders with their bright yellow beaks, the parents, blue capped and harrassed are all very confident and friendly. Simply a joyous … Continue reading

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It has been a hugely busy day, in spite of wanting mainly to curl up and whimper. I’m not particularly good at being unwell, and anyway, I have an Ani to look after, a son who doubles as my employer … Continue reading

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‘A thousand words…’

I have been looking through the photographs of some of the landscapes we have been wandering lately, revisiting them in memory, for today I am tackling a part of our new book, Doomsday, that I have been putting off for … Continue reading

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“Not bad….”

We wandered out of the churchyard into the fields, watching the red kites soar over the treetops. There is something glorious in that sight that never fails to move us and it is no hardship to simply stand and watch. … Continue reading

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