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Gilded butterflies Expensively caged Wed to appearance Wings grown too heavy to fly Weighted by expectation * Naturally beautiful Playing on the summer breeze Simplicity rests Drinking a gilded morning Living light in light *Top photo courtesy of Pixabay  

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“Mists” By Raymond Roy #writephoto

She leaned back into the tree hoping that her natural curves would blend in with the silhouette of the mature oak tree. She had run all night, her throat was parched. Torturously, a heavy mist hung thick in the morning … Continue reading

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Freedom #midnighthaiku

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Collaboration – Letting go…

Release the world, The hold of its illusions Weighs the heart. Sensory deception… Filtered impressions Conditioned, react Like clockwork; Predictably bland. Embrace the child Who sleeps within, Forgotten emissary Of untramelled joy… Wake her to laughter And the dawn of … Continue reading

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I am with you – by Balroop Singh #writephoto

On the wings of freedom Soaring higher than the clouds If you could divest those earthly shrouds To embrace this evanescent experience I am with you. Together we quit the foolish faction That takes pleasure in strife and command In … Continue reading

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My will by Ashutosh Jha #writephoto

It got no rules Nobody to control Belives in no boundaries Loves the freedom that No one can put on hold Its the beauty of my will Independence is only choice It is a free as a bird Continue reading: … Continue reading

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Weed or wildflower? #InternationalWomensDay

Being a working woman, I could be expected to be sitting here nicely coiffed, decently dressed and wearing make-up. Being also a writer, you might imagine me instead romantically dishevelled or pyjama clad. These are stereotypes we can all recognise … Continue reading

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I was not there. I did not see the blood and gore Or know the terror Of a war. * I did not grieve When friends were lost Or mourn the maimed Or human cost. * I did not fight … Continue reading

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Glimpsed by Ritu #writephoto

Reblogged from But I Smile Anyway: Sue’s #writephoto prompt this week. Glimpsed So near yet so far A glimpse of freedom sighted Alas, out of reach Please visit Ritu’s site to leave comments.

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Freedom in Chains by Neel Anil Panicker #writephoto

Reblogged from neelwritesblog FREEDOM IN CHAINS By Neel Anil Panicker Trapped in false glory Oh! what a pitiable story Life turns topsy turvy Unquenchable are her desires Caught in mindless quagmires Up and up she goes Endless turn her woes … Continue reading

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