The Pain of Becoming a Knight ~ Alli Templeton

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The medieval knight is one of the most enduring and iconic figures of history. These men of steel, clad in gleaming armour, lance in hand and mounted on their magnificent steeds are one of the defining images of the Middle Ages. Knighthood was the aspiration of many noble sons, and getting there involved years of preparation and intensive training, culminating in the elaborate dubbing ceremony that welcomed him into the elite ranks of warrior horsemen. But the knighting ritual could be a costly affair, usually funded by the candidate’s family, and although it was the pivotal moment in the young warrior’s life, the customs surrounding it could mean he spent his first day on the job feeling shattered, hung over and sore.


The iconic – and irresistible! – image of a medieval knight

Training for knighthood began in childhood, and it took a very long time as the evolving code of chivalry involved much more than nifty footwork and sword skills. At around seven years of age, a nobleman’s son may be sent to another aristocratic household, or even the king’s court, to take up the position of Page. Serving a knight and running errands, the young lad would first be taught how to behave in polite society, how to sing, dance and recite poetry and how to conduct himself in the company of ladies.

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  1. Hmm, some of that might be a welcomed revival to learn how to get along in society?

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