Ani’s Advent Invitation: Geoff Le Pard and Mylo’s letter to Santa

I got a letter. From Mylo.  “Gorgeous little brunette?” eh? Well, that’s my Christmas wish sorted… and I might have to leave an extra mince pie out for Santa. Who needs mistletoe?

Mind, he does seem a bit accident prone… I’m sort of used to that with her…she can manage some weird accidents… so I can handle that. And look at those eyes…

I think I’d better go lie down for a while…

Mylo’s Letter to Santa

(Mylo’s Two-Legs is Geoff Le Pard)

Dear Santa,

We have been here before, haven’t we?

I mean I’ve tried the letter thing – and yes ok I know I got a bit overexcited with the address. How was I to know that Lapland was a country and not some sort of a huge bowl of milk and honey? The little overexcited tinkle at the thought that turned the letter into a papier-mâché nose snood as I tried to save it wasn’t funny if it was inevitable, wasn’t it?

And the list up the chimney? It’s not that I don’t understand physics. I’ve watched on the entry video at home as the Amazon delivery man backtracks from the doorbell at exactly the same speed as I approach the door to greet him – if that’s not the epitome of every action evokes an equal and opposite reaction then I don’t know what is. But I must have missed the sound wave lesson because no one expected the bark with which I sent the list on its way to generate just the right harmonic to dislodge the soot and for my two-legges to be checking on the list’s flight just at that moment.

I’d rather given up hope, in all honesty, until that gorgeous little brunette suggested using her anti-antler campaign as a vehicle for my bowl list (*editor’s note: the two legges obsession with bucket lists is a new phenomenon and a clear appropriation of its long standing canine equivalent).

Now that I have a way it’s rather important that I don’t waste the chance. I mean Christmas hasn’t been a great success tbh. For the last two years I’ve ended up at the emergency vet what with eating the two-legges advent calendar. Apparently chocolate is bad for me. Who knew? All I thought was they’d had their bit on day one so the other 24 little windows had to be mine. At least last year they had this chocolate:weight ratio chart to use which I passed by the odd gram; two years ago they chemically induced a vomit. Waste of chemicals if you ask me. Couple of blades of grass and I can upchuck like a shitzu on speed.

Anyhoo this year, after a lot of thought this is my list
1. More walks
2. Snuggles in the beanbag
3. Chicken

And if I only get one choice then, well, sorry two-legges but it has to be the chicken.

Happy Christmas, Ani my paw-friend. One day our two-legges will let us share a sniff or two. That’s my real wish….

Much love,

Mylo aka Dog on the Blog

Geoff Le Pard

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Geoff Le Pard started writing to entertain in 2006. He hasn’t left his keyboard since. When he’s not churning out novels he writes some maudlin self-indulgent poetry, short fiction and blogs at He walks the dog for mutual inspiration and most of his best ideas come out of these strolls. He also cooks with passion if not precision.

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13 Responses to Ani’s Advent Invitation: Geoff Le Pard and Mylo’s letter to Santa

  1. TanGental says:

    woo hoo: woooofff woooofff

    Liked by 2 people

  2. Darlene says:

    Mylo looks a bit like me. Cute and friendly! And I like chicken a lot too. Wish I had put that in my letter. If you get a lot, maybe you´ll share. bow wow! Dot the dog.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Oh Mylo. you are so cute! Hope you get your wishes and treats. I don’t do the chocolate thing. Never had it, so I don’t miss it. I do get extra biscuits though and proper gravy on a special dinner. Can’t have too much though, dicky tummy now. Blast this old age!
    Love Maggie.xx

    Liked by 2 people

  4. Ritu says:

    Here’s hoping Mylo get’s his Christmas wishes!!!!

    Liked by 2 people

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  6. Oh, Mylo, you ate the chocolates in the advent calendar ??? We had 2 pups years ago who ate the contents of a Valentine heart. It was on the coffee table, long before anyone knew about the danger to dogs. They survived it all. Hope you get all the chicken you can handle. Sweet letter.
    p.s. We just had news of a Sharpei who had 30 baby binkies (pacifiers) in his stomach. They showed the x-ray. Yikes.

    Liked by 1 person

  7. Mary Smith says:

    Waht a wonderful letter from Mylo. I’m so pleased to get to know him better and I’m sure Ani is, too. Hope Santa does the necessary.


  8. A great post from Geoff, Sue.


  9. Oh Mylo, what an education I’m getting. I had heard of Newton’s 3rd law before but never understood this was what was going on when the postie ran for the gate at the same speed as my approach and, as for the soot and the chimney, I’m definitely going to keep my barks down around the hearth. I don’t want to be in the dog house just when I’m trying to impress with good behaviour. Thanks for the tip off. As for the chocs I’m trying to do a cost benefit analysis: chocolates/vet, chocolates/vet, chocolates/vet. Not decided yet. Guess I’ll have to make my mind up when the door to the goodies is left open. Ani, I hope you have got over your swooning in time for tomorrow’s advent calendar. Love Ben xx

    Liked by 1 person

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