Naked people

There are a lot of things that I could write about the Blogger’s Bash…and doubtless many will be writing about it for some time to come, but if I were to choose the one, overriding image of the  day, it could only be the naked people.

Granted, the ones we actually met were not quite as naked as those we passed outside Buckingham Palace. It was an unexpected sight in central London… hordes of  them, all riding bikes…and the police did not appear to mind! Although thankfully, the day was gloriously warm, it made no sense whatsoever. It was not until a bit of judicious Googling revealed that this was the annual Naked Bike Ride, an environmental protest against the car-based culture of our world, that it all fell into place. The ride is a community event that promotes human-powered modes of transport, as well as a body-positive image…and very effectively raises awareness of the cyclists on our roads.

The people we had come to meet, though also a community, were fully clothed… but in many ways, just as naked. From the moment you walked through the door, you were greeted with smiles and buried in hugs.  You knew you were amongst friends… even though many of those present had never met each other before in person. There was a genuine excitement at meeting old friends and finally meeting people with whom you have only spoken online… and no sense whatsoever of the awkwardness that often attends first encounters.

It is quite odd, in some respects, when you consider that most of those present were writers, of whom the stereotype is that of the introvert… you would not have thought so for one minute, as everyone launched straight into getting better acquainted and simply opened their arms and let people in. The barriers were down.

I find that beautiful.

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About Sue Vincent

Sue Vincent is a Yorkshire-born writer and one of the Directors of The Silent Eye, a modern Mystery School. She writes alone and with Stuart France, exploring ancient myths, the mysterious landscape of Albion and the inner journey of the soul. Find out more at France and Vincent. She is owned by a small dog who also blogs. Follow her at and on Twitter @SCVincent. Find her books on Goodreads and follow her on Amazon worldwide to find out about new releases and offers. Email:
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28 Responses to Naked people

  1. ellenbest24 says:

    I loved meeting everyone and you are right I was exposed not hiding behind my virtual curtain people met me and not just my writing … scary. Everyone came together like friends from school as if the met years before. And like the naked riders probably do this morning I wish the overweight gurning person going by my name had not taken my place in the photographs! Who is she? #eatingplanrequired great post Sue.


  2. bethanyk says:

    If we were just all naked! Not pride. No pedestal. Just bare. How cool would that be!


  3. Shameful. If we were meant to be naturists, we would have been born naked!
    Hang on a minute…


  4. Ritu says:

    Was so good to meet you finally Sue!
    And as for those bike riders… I’m sure Suzanne Elliott said her Bloke dawvthem last year … are the committee choosing this date for a particular reason???


  5. davidprosser says:

    A hug is great at breaking barriers, mind you it helps when the people are as special as you lot.. i don’t know why I let you go without me.
    xxx Hugs Galore xxx


  6. Erik says:

    I have lots of thoughts on this one (not all of which were your intent, I’m sure).

    I wonder, regarding the Naked Bike Ride, if there arose a certain mindset of judgment (whether outwardly or merely inwardly) against those who chose to join the Ride without having been fully unclothed.

    My “comfort zone” is a pretty wide area by most people’s standards. I found myself wondering, if it were legal and I wouldn’t get arrested, if I’d go “full monty” in joining such an event. While I love community and certainly believe in the causes represented, I also have a side that is nonconformist. And even nonconformity can require conformity of a sort, in that all of those doing the less acceptable thing are agreeing on how it should be done. I don’t know which side of me would win out. (However, it does not seem to be an imminent question I’ll need to answer, since no such Ride takes place in my area, nor could by current law.)

    The writing community you describe does sound fun. I’ve looked for such groups in my area — in quite a radius actually — but to date, I have not found many in existence (surprising for the Boston area); and those I did happen across were not quite so welcoming, even just in getting through the door. The few I did find seemed to be made up of a handful of regulars who fear that the addition of another person would somehow diminish their own spot in the sun.

    Fortunately, I have a few writer friends who are good company. And, of course, I’ve come into a wonderful company of writers online, present company included!


  7. I think a naked bike ride is a great thing. If everyone’s naked, there’s no barrier between people. It’s amazing to see people embrace their body.

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  8. I don’t know. I am very shy. I think it would be very uncomfortable riding on a bicycle with no padding of clothing underneath. (blush) Also, all those bosoms bouncing up and down (blush) and also the men (blush) wiggling, jiggling, between their legs and what about the hygienics of the entire group? But this was done for a good cause, after all. 🙂


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