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David Bowie 1947 – 2016

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Judith Barrow: The Book Case – Flooded

When I saw on television the damage that the floods have caused over the last few weeks I realised how lucky we’ve been in this part of Pembrokeshire. There have been some heartbreaking images and stories of people being forced … Continue reading

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“You’re not a Bird, Anu, you’re a Dog! And it’s not a game, this birth and death business,  it’s serious stuff. Do you understand?” Anu nods sagely, turns, trots off to the flower pot, selects a Ball of Power, returns … Continue reading

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The Champions Awards #CHAMPIONSAWARDS

A while ago, I went award free on the blog. Even so, when someone includes me, it is impossible not to be both touched and grateful, especially when they are people who have become friends through meeting them in this … Continue reading

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