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Two White Mice…

Originally posted on Books & Bonsai:
A Christmas story… A cold wind rattled the window frame and whistled through the cracks, lifting the faded cotton curtains like a summer skirt. It was dark outside, but Ruth hadn’t noticed, so intent…

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A winter’s tale

Originally posted on The Silent Eye:
In the northern hemisphere, it is the Winter Solstice, when the balance between dark and light shifts once again and the Light begins to return. The moment has been celebrated as far back as…

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A leisurely Christmas

“Are you all ready for Christmas?” The middle-aged shop assistant in pixie ears and elf costume smiles brightly as she puts the dog’s dinner into my bag. “I haven’t started.” Disbelief and pity vie for supremacy on her face as … Continue reading

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Replay – Demons and Pearls by P. S. Bartlett

In April, P.S. Bartlett launched Demons and Pearls. Since then the series has been given a fabulous new look… and a new book has been announced, Amber Wake, in collaboration with Ronovan Hester, which is due for release in Feb … Continue reading

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