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Above the Lion and the Lamb (part three – final) ~ Steve Tanham

It was past four in the afternoon. We had been walking for over five hours. Despite our best smiles – and Jon’s chocolate – we were tired, very tired. We were approaching Calf Crag (see above) and desperately looking for … Continue reading

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Above the Lion and the Lamb (Part Two) ~ Steve Tanham

Reblogged from Sun in Gemini: We were on the Helm Crag plateau, about to climb up and beyond the Lion and the Lamb rocks to reach the start of the ridge. When you’ve just done a steep climb, it’s natural … Continue reading

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Full Circle: Giants in the churchyard

The last of the winter light was beginning to fade as we left St Andrew’s and wandered out into the churchyard. In many respects, what awaited us outside was far more impressive and interesting than the Georgian interior. There were … Continue reading

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Guest author: Kevin Morris: Heartless, witless nature…

In his fine poem (one of my favourites), “Tell me not here, it needs not saying”, A. E. Housman beautifully expresses his love of nature while (in the final verse) acknowledging that Mother Nature is, when all is said and … Continue reading

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