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Discovering Albion – day 8: Sea Storms

“Why is there a pyramid in the middle of East Lothian?” We’d both seen it before of course on our travels, but had never taken note in the way we do now that our adventures with the books have taught … Continue reading

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The Giant and the Sun – The Great Hill II – (A Thousand Miles of History)

(Continued from Part I) Halfway across the length of Maiden Castle, the terrain changes. It is a slight demarcation… little more than a step ‘up’ at one end… yet the change is palpable. While the western entrance leads onto a … Continue reading

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The Giant and the Sun – The Great Hill (A Thousand Miles of History)

Our final site of the official weekend workshop was Maiden Castle, an enormous prehistoric structure just outside the Roman town of Dorchester. We gathered in the car park beneath the hillfort and began the climb to its gates. The name, … Continue reading

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The Giant and the Sun – In search of King Arthur (A Thousand Miles of History)

We wandered the summit of Cadbury Castle, each of us alone with our thoughts before gathering once again at the centre to speak of archaeology, history and legends. Now, legends are all very well, but many a place has adopted … Continue reading

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The Giant and the Sun – The ramparts of Camelot (A Thousand Miles of History)

We had only a short way to walk to our second site of the day. We were only going to climb a hill, which sounds simple enough, but there can be few places where fact, fiction, folklore and otherworldly dreams … Continue reading

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A Sunny Day Hike up the hill to Castell Dinas Bran by Cathy Ryan

Reblogged from Between the Lines: A couple of months ago we attempted the very steep climb up to the ruined castle. Dinas Bran towers above Llangollen and the Dee Valley in a spectacular setting that offers panoramic views from all … Continue reading

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Path #midnighthaiku

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Rooted in the Land: On Hackpen Hill

I pulled into a field entrance, my eyes already glued to the hillside. We were still on the edges of Avebury; the site is not limited to the stone circle, after all, but stretches across a wide swathe of the … Continue reading

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Hills and crosses

Sunday morning dawned damp with a promise of sunshine and we eventually headed out towards Bakewell to explore a hillfort. We knew it was there somewhere and had seen a likely site from the church on the other side of … Continue reading

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“Copious duckage and a load of bullocks”

“That would make a good title,” he said as we watched the flock of birds swimming across the surface of the hidden lake. We had failed miserably at finding the chambered cairn of Five Wells and the prospect of a … Continue reading

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