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Images #midnighthaiku

Imagination Whimsy and creative sparks Celebrate summer These pictures were taken in Great Hucklow, the village where we hold our annual Silent Eye workshop, during the well-dressing a couple of years ago.

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A very English Church – Cee’s photo challenge

We stumbled on the little village church on the day of a well dressing, when the well-head is decorated with scenes made of flower petals and is blessed for the coming year.  Each village chooses a particular theme, this parish … Continue reading

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We might as well call …

It had taken longer than I had thought to get to Bradbourne. It is odd, but that last hour of the journey north seems to take no time at all. I don’t mean it seems short… but that there is … Continue reading

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“Copious duckage and a load of bullocks”

“That would make a good title,” he said as we watched the flock of birds swimming across the surface of the hidden lake. We had failed miserably at finding the chambered cairn of Five Wells and the prospect of a … Continue reading

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“Fond Pageants”

From the moors we wended our way in leisurely fashion towards lunch and there can be few better places for that than the Queen Anne. The old country inn has been there since 1621 and the building wears its age … Continue reading

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